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* Guests

* Vehicles

* Pool

* Occupancy

* Keys

* Package Pickup

* Balconies  

* Common Areas

* Pets

* Recreation Room

* Noise

* Moving

* Deliveries - Merchandise

* Deliveries - Food

* Repairs






1.                  All guests and guest automobiles must be registered with gate attendant.  The following procedure is currently in effect.

a)      The attendant at the gate will call the resident to announce guests in order to receive permission to allow the guest(s) in.

b)     Gate attendant asks guests to provide identification; in most cases it will be a drivers license.  The gate attendant will register the identification in the visitor’s book and issue a visitor's pass.  A portion of the visitors pass is to be given by the guest to the lobby attendant at the front desk.  The gate attendant will inform the guest(s) where the visitors' parking is located, or if so authorized by the resident of an unoccupied space assigned to that resident.

2.                  In the absence of the Owner, no one will be admitted to an apartment unless a current letter is on file with the Manager.  "Current" means that the permission forms are filed in a timely manner; that they include an anticipated arrival date AND an expiration date of no more than three weeks from the date of arrival of the guest(s) on the premises and that NO MORE THAN TWO PEOPLE PER BEDROOM will be admitted in their absence.

3.                  Guests are to be made aware and understand all Biscayne 21 Rules by the owners/residents/renters, which are wholly responsible for their guests.

4.                  Guests are strictly prohibited from bringing pets on to the property.

5.                  Guests arriving in the absence of the resident must have prior approval from Biscayne 21 management.

6.                  Guests may not authorize other guests to enter the premises unless written authorization is on file from the resident, contingent upon Biscayne 21 Management approval.

7.                  After thirty days guests must be screened for residency.



1.                  All vehicles belonging to residents must have a valid (current) decal or tag displayed so that they are clearly visible to the gate attendant.  Any car lacking Biscayne 21 decals or tags will be stopped at the gate as always, and the guard will enter on the log for that purpose, the license number, a description of the vehicle, the apartment number and the parking space#, regardless whether the individual is a current owner or a resident

2.                  Residents are not permitted to park in visitors' parking spaces unless so authorized by Biscayne 21 management.

3.                  Owners not residing at Biscayne 21 may not park in space(s) assigned to the owners unit unless the space is not leased or so authorized to do so by the lessee.

4.                  Vehicles must fit into spaces in such a manner as not to impede ready access to another owner's car or parking space so as not to present a hazard to other vehicles, nor to cause damage to other ve­hicles. 

5.                  No employee of an owner is permitted to park in the garage, un­less the vehicle is parked in the owner's designated parking space.

6.                  Owners may not permit or require employees of the Association to drive within or on Condominium property, vehicles owned by re­sidents and/or their guests.

7.                  Maximum speed everywhere on the condominium property is 5 miles per hour. Entrance and exit signs must be obeyed.

8.                  As a safety precaution, automobile lights, hazard indicators or directional indicators should be turned on when driving in the garages.

9.                  Guests are permitted to park only in the designated visitors' parking spaces as directed by the gate attendant.  Visitors' spaces are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Visitor parking is limited to 24 hours after which other arrangements must be made for guest's vehicles.

10.              There is a 10 minute limit to parking in the loading and un­loading zone near the North entrance.  No unattended parking or standing is permitted elsewhere on the premises in the driveways or fire-lanes and are subject to be towed at owners expense if so found to be in violation.

11.              Gasoline driven vehicles such as mopeds, motorcycles and water scooters must be stored in the owners’ space.  No more than one vehi­cle per space.

12.              Vehicles parked on Biscayne 21 property must display current decal or visitors parking permit (if visitor is so authorized by resident) and are subject to be towed at their expense if so found in violation.



1.                  The use of glasses or bottles at the pool deck is strictly pro­hibited for safety reasons.

2.                  Food is not allowed on the pool deck.  The barbecue area adjoining the pool deck is available for picnicking and is the only area where food is allowed.

3.                  No pets are allowed in the pool or barbeque areas.

4.                  Children under three years of age ARE NOT PERMITTED in the pool under any circumstances.

5.                  Children under 14 years of age are permitted to use the pool only when an adult (18 years of age or older) relative or guardian is present at poolside and accepts full legal liability.  If there is a dispute as to a child's age, the Manager or attendant personnel will determine whether the child may use the pool.  Parents are asked to supervise the play of their children in the pool and on the pool deck, considering their safety and the comfort and enjoy­ment of others using this facility.

6.                  Chaises and other deck furniture should not be removed from the pool deck area.

7.                  No boats, floats, fishing equipment or any other such objects may be stored or left on the pool deck or in any common area.  Balls, floats, underwater gear, or other recreational devices (except safety swimming devices attached to the body) are not per­mitted in the pool at any time.

8.                  Persons with open sores, surgical dressings or casts, or recent infectious illness are not permitted to use the pool.  Everyone must shower before entering the pool as lotions and oils from the skin adhere to the filter system causing damage, and can reverse the chemical balance of the pool.

9.                  When using creams or oils, residents and their guests are asked to cover pool furniture with beach towels to protect the clothing of others and are again required to re-shower upon re-entering the pool.

10.              Fishing from the Pool Deck is strictly prohibited.  Fishing is only allowed in designated area - East elevation North of pool area.

11.              Residents, guests, and their children must not be so loud in the pool and/or deck area as to annoy others.  Radios should be played at a low volume respecting the privacy and relaxation of all.



1.                  Apartments may not be leased more than twice in any year.  The Board has the discretion to consider case-by-case variations of this rule.

2.                  No person under 18 years of age is permitted to reside in an apartment unless a parent, adult (18 years or older) relative or responsible employee of the owner is in residence at the same time.

3.                  Each apartment shall be occupied and used only as a residence by the respective owners thereof, their tenants (prior approval having been obtained from the Association), families, servants and guests, and for no other purpose.  Apartments may not serve as business or commercial offices or time-shared residences.

4.                  Occupancy shall be limited to two (2) persons per bedroom, re­gardless of the size of the apartment.

5.                  The Board of Directors reserves the right to re-screen renewal of leases.



1.                  Residents must provide the office with a set of spare key(s) in order to gain access to their apartment in case of an emergency (or normal maintenance of their apartment such as regular pest extermination).  If immediate access becomes necessary while the resident is away AND if a current set of key(s) is not found for an apartment, the resident will be responsible for any and all damages done to the apartment in order to gain access to resolve the emergency.

2.                  A resident may authorize the office to give the spare key(s) to an outside guest or other work personnel only when written authorization to do so by the resident is on file prior to such entry request. 

3.                  Spare Apartment Keys may only be picked up between the hours of 7AM to 11PM, Monday through Friday.  There are no Saturday or Sunday provisions.  For access to key(s) during any other time, it is suggested that residents provide a copy of their apartment key to a trusted neighbor, local clergy, family member, or friend, or be forced to call a locksmith.

4.                  Spare Apartment Keys may only be picked up by showing a valid Drivers License or other publicly recognized identification card of authorized persons only.



  1. Packages (and other registered mail) may only be picked up between the hours of 7AM to 11PM, Monday through Friday, and between the hours of 7AM to 7PM on Saturday & Sunday.
  2. Packages (and other registered mail) may only be picked up by showing a valid Drivers License or other publicly recognized identification card of authorized persons[1] only (see footnote for definition of authorized persons)
  3. Only building personnel are allowed in the package room, please.



1.                  Cooking on balconies with any open flame device, i.e., barbecue equipment, hibachis, etc., is prohibited by law.

2.                  Awnings or other objects shall not be attached to the balconies or outside walls of the building.

3.                  Nothing shall be hung from or attached to balconies.  Hanging of towels, bathing suits, beach mats, rugs, mops or any other articles from the balconies is prohibited.  Neither plants nor any other objects may be stored on balcony ledges.

4.                  Mops, rugs, brooms or other items shall not be dusted or shaken from balconies, and the watering of plants shall be done with the consideration of one's downstairs neighbors in mind.  Washing or cleaning with water will not be permitted.

5.                  Balconies shall not be used for storage of any articles, or construction of any structure that will impair the uniformity of the outward appearance of the building.  For safety reasons, all items on balconies must be brought inside in the event of a hurricane watch or warning.  Where a resident is not available to evacuate his/her balcony in time before the storm hits, Biscayne 21 management reserves the right to enter on an emergency basis to perform such evacuations and if spare key(s) are not available for the unit, the resident will be responsible for any and all damages done to the apartment in order to gain access.

6.                  No outdoor carpeting is allowed on balconies.



1.                  Residents are reminded to put empty cartons and other non-recyclable items in the trash container in the laundry room and to use the re­cycling containers as marked (newspapers, plastic, clear glass).  ALL RECYCLABLES must be sorted prior to placing them in containers.  RINSE out bottles and cans before placing them in the laundry room receptacles.

2.                  Only items small enough to pass easily down the trash chute are to be disposed of there.  Use trash chutes only between 8:00 A.M. and 11:00 P.M. so as not to disturb residents of adjacent apartments.

3.                  Moves into and out of the building, which require full use of the elevator must be scheduled with the Manager at least 48 hours prior to the move.

3.                  Articles creating a fire hazard must not be stored in apartments or storage areas.

4.                  Storage of any kind in stairways, elevators, lobbies or corridors is    prohibited. No garbage cans, supplies, milk bottles, water bottles, doormats, nor other articles shall be placed in the corridors or on staircase landings.

5.                  Body cover-up and footwear is required in the lobby, hallways, and elevators at all times.

6.                  No employee of the Condominium (unless a resident of the building or the Manager and his family) is permitted to use the recreational facilities, including the pool.

7.                  Saunas and rest rooms are to be left without litter and in a sanitary condition after use.

8.                  Boats may not be docked at any time at the Condominium sea wall, even to take on or to leave off passengers.

9.                  Entry doors of all units are to be kept closed at all times in accordance with Fire Department regulations.

10.              Bicycles are not allowed in the lobby, elevators or hallways.  They must be kept in the locked bicycle room assigned for that purpose.  Ground attendant will open the bicycle room and maintain a sign out sheet.

11.              Tennis courts may be used between 8:00 A.M. and 11:00 P.M.  Lights must be turned off as soon as nighttime play is completed.

12.              Residents are asked to limit play to one (1) hour if others are waiting to play.

13.              Only tennis shoes are permitted on the tennis courts.

14.              The riding of bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, etc. is strictly prohibited within the grounds of the Condominium.

15.              Anyone defacing, damaging or vandalizing the property or common elements will be legally and financially responsible for clean up, repair and/or replacement of damaged elements.  The Association will proceed against such perpetrator(s).


1.                  Renters are strictly prohibited from bringing pets onto Biscayne 21 property.

2.                  No pets are to be brought onto Biscayne 21 property unless by an apartment owner. 

3.                  Pets over 15 pounds at maturity are strictly prohibited.

4.                  Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.  This is a County Ordinance.

5.                  Pets may be walked only in the area designated for that purpose.  Owners are expected to clean up after pets, when necessary, in other areas of the Association property.  Dogs that bark to the annoyance of others shall not be kept on balconies, nor shall continued barking in apartments, corridors or anywhere on Condominium property be tolerated.  It is the Owner’s responsibility to comply.

6.                  Pets that annoy others with their vocalizations will not be permitted.

7.                  Pets are not permitted in the lobby or pool area of the Condominium.

8.                  Pets are not permitted on grass or landscaped areas maintained by the Association

9.                  Pets may be walked only in the area designated for that purpose.

10.              All pets must be carried in arms in the elevators and through corridors when being taken in or out of the building.

11.              Animals such as stray cats, dogs, birds, pigeons, raccoons, etc. are not to be fed on the property; this includes throwing food from balconies.  This is both a health and a safety measure.



1.                  The Penthouse Recreation Room is available for informal lounging by any resident.  The key may be signed out at the lobby attendant at the front desk.

2.                  Only resi­dents may rent the Penthouse Recreation Room for use of private parties or functions.  Non-Owners must have the apartment owner co-sign the Recreation Room Lease Agreement with them to assume liability for their tenant(s).  Specific requirements are on file in the office.  The cost is $100.00 rent plus a refundable security deposit of $100.00.  Strict observance of occupancy limits is required.

3.                  The security deposit will only be refunded if the recreation room is returned in good repair and in clean condition.  All functions that are held without food and that are open to all condominium residents, and so specifically posted in advance of such, are exempt from the rent, security deposit.

4.                  Children under 12 years of age are not permitted in the Penthouse Recreation Room unless accompanied by an adult.

5.                  Persons holding parties in the Penthouse Recreation Room are asked to use discretion in selecting sound equipment for parties so as not to disturb other residents.  All music must stop by 12:00 midnight and the premises must be vacated by 1:00 A.M.  The Penthouse Recreation Room will not be opened between 1:00 A.M. and 8:00 A.M.

6.                  A Guest List must be submitted at least 4 days prior to using the Penthouse Recreation Room for private parties and functions that require a security deposit.



1.                  Noise by way of loud conversation, car radios, horn blowing, car alarms, etc., especially after 11:00 P.M. shall not be permitted in and around the building.  This applies to residents, employees and guests.

2.                  Between the hours of 11:00 P.M. and 9:00 A.M., residents and their guests shall not make or permit unreasonable noise in apart­ments, corridors or any part of the condominium property that will create a disturbance or annoyance to other residents.  Radios, televisions, stereos, musical instruments and loud discourse must be kept at a reasonable volume at all times.



1.                  Moving is permitted between 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. ONLY Monday through Friday.  All moving trucks must be off the condominium property by 4:00 P.M.  Any moving truck found after 4:00 P.M. will be towed unless Biscayne 21 Management agrees upon prior approval. Any moving truck, trailer or other conveyance, which arrives after 1:00 P.M., will be turned away and forced to park on the street.

2.                  All moves must be scheduled with the office in writing 48 hours prior to the move.

2.                  Moving in or out is not permitted on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays.



1.                  Merchandise deliveries are allowed Monday through Friday 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  If the elevator needs padding for any delivery it will be allowed only between 9:00 A.M. and 12:00 noon Monday through Friday with prior scheduling from the office.  Saturday deliveries will be allowed only if the package(s) can fit onto the luggage cart and delivery vehicle parked outside condominium property.

2.                  Food deliveries are allowed at anytime and are allowed onto Biscayne 2l property provided they park only in designated 5-minute delivery parking area.



1.                  Any work requiring the use of tools such as drills, hammers, etc., is to be confined to the hours between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday only!  Emergency repairs will be allowed in the building after hours provided the Building Manager is notified immediately upon situation becoming an emergency.  In that case, workmen vehicles must park outside the condominium property.

2.                  The contractor, without exception, must remove all construction debris from the property.  Failure to do so will result in denial of future access of contractor to Biscayne 21 property.

3.                  IT IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED TO DISPOSE OF CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS DOWN THE GARBAGE CHUTES OR IN THE CONTAINERS IN THE GARBAGE ROOM; NOR TO LEAVE IT ANYWHERE ELSE ON THESE PREMISES!  Construction debris must be disposed of and contained in privately rented trash haulers provided by the unit owner.

4.                  When performing remodeling or new construction in units, it is the unit owners' responsibility to have construction materials and debris, old appliances, old carpets, old furniture, mattresses or any other discarded items removed from the building and premises.  Items of this nature are not to be left in hallways, laundry rooms, and garbage room or deposited in the trash chute, or in the space next to the elevators.   Such items may be placed on the sidewalk on 22nd Street, near the North gate on Monday evening for city pickup early on Tuesday morning.



- End of Rules & Regulations Document -


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[1] An authorized person is any resident published in the current Residents List under the apartment in question, or a designee so authorized in writing by such listed resident.